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Charged With a Felony in Kirkwood, MO?

Put a felony attorney on your side of the aisle

If convicted of a felony offense in Missouri, you could spend years in prison and owe fines of up to $10,000. Don't put your freedom at risk. Trust your defense to an experienced felony attorney in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Restovich & Associates, LLC takes state and federal cases. Call our office at 314-434-7700 now to set up a consultation with a dedicated felony attorney.

Why you need advice from a DWI attorney

You always have the right to represent yourself, but that doesn't mean you should. A DWI attorney...

  • Knows what to expect before, during and after your hearing
  • Understands court deadlines and procedures
  • Has established connections with prosecutors and court officers

Restovich & Associates, LLC represents clients facing felony and misdemeanor DWI charges.

If you've been charged with driving while intoxicated, contact a DWI attorney in Kirkwood, MO immediately.