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Don't Pay for an Accident Someone Else Caused

Work with an auto accident attorney in Kirkwood, MO

Auto accidents can cause severe physical, mental and emotional trauma. If you've been in any type of car accident in the Kirkwood, MO area, contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. Symptoms from some injuries don't show up for days after the incident. At that point, the police report has been filed and your insurance provider may have already settled your claim.

Don't hesitate. If you've been in a wreck, call an auto accident attorney at 314-434-7700 immediately.

Injured in a fall?

If you've been injured due to a safety hazard on someone else's property, a slip-and-fall attorney from Restovich & Associates, LLC can advise you. Contact us if your accident happened on...

  • Private property: Stores, shopping malls and private residences are all private property.
  • Public property: Public sidewalks, streets and parks usually belong to your local municipality.
  • Federal property: Federal buildings, such as post offices, are owned or leased by the federal government.

In all of these cases, the property owner could be guilty of negligence. This might include failure to maintain the property, resulting in unsafe walking surfaces.

Discuss your case with a slip-and-fall attorney in Kirkwood, Missouri today.